Preparing the perfect Pad Thai

There are many cooking schools in Chiang Mai.  We weren’t  really planning to take any classes but when we realized it’s going to rain all day during our week stay in Chiang Mai, we  thought cooking class will be  the best way to spend the day.  Upon a recommendation of our new Polish friends we signed up for Gap’s Thai Culinary Art School.


We got picked up from our hotel in the morning and our first stop was the local market.  The market was  very clean with an abundance of fresh fruits, veggies, herbs and many other things.  We got an explanation of all the herbs and ingredients we were going to use in our cooking class.  We picked up few things  and off we went to the Gap’s school to start cooking.



The kitchen was set up very professionally.  We had eight people from a different parts of the world in our class.   Each of us got the own work station with everything else we needed.


We had eight dishes to prepare throughout the day, five dishes for lunch and three dishes for dinner.   We started with learning how to make Green Curry Paste  from fresh ingredients.  We placed all spice mixture  ingredients in a mortar and pound it until the curry got ground and mixed thoroughly .   The fragrance was very  intense.  We already loved it, even though we haven’t started cooking yet.



All  five dishes we prepared for lunch we so delicious, with a harmonious blend of the spicy and tasteful.    We truly enjoyed our lunch and we  couldn’t even finished all the dishes we prepared.



In the afternoon we learned how to  cook the remaining  three dishes , one of them it was our favorite dish Pad Thai.   We’ve  been on a mission to try Pad Thai in almost every place we went to and we have to say the dish we prepared that day,  was perfectly season, so flavorful, limey and sweet.   We loved it!   All the afternoon dishes were placed for us in boxes,  as we were too stuffed from what we eat at lunch.


We received a professionally printed cookbook with all the recipes that we prepared that day to take home with us.     The cooking school was 900 THB (around $30.00) and we felt it was well worth it.  It was a great day and we would highly recommend to everyone to try Gap’s  Thai culinary art school