Mekong Delta Tour with Delta Adventures

To finish up our stay  in Vietnam, we decided to go on a 3 day,  2 night  Mekong delta tour starting in Ho Chi Minh City and  ending in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with Delta Adventures.  We didn’t have a good experience with an organized tours  and we were a bit hesitant to try it again.   However this was an inexpensive tour and it covered the area we actually wanted to see.  Without much expectation, we began the tour in the morning, when we got picked up by a representative from Delta Adventures.  The company organizes 1 day / 2 days or 3 days Mekong tours.   Everyone started together in the morning by taking a bus to Cai Ba.  Later in a day everyone got split up into different groups, but somewhere everything miraculously worked.   Well at least it worked for us.  The next three days we spent on a small boat visiting various Vietnamese places, traveling by bus and mini buses, ending the trip in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.   During the trip we visited  local villages in the area and learn more about the traditional lifestyles, culture, and customs of people who call the Delta their home.   Yes, it felt quite touristy and in every place we visited they tried to sell “something” to us, but overall it was an interesting trip.  Here are the highlights of our trip:

Visiting A Floating Market in Can Tho

It’s a must see during the tour.   The market is more like a wholesale market as most of the boats are selling just one fruit or vegetable.  They advertised their product  by a sample vegetable mounted on a bamboo stick on the front of the boat.  There were also smaller boats mostly geared towards tourists bringing different goods (coffee/ fruits / sandwiches ) to our boat.


P1020296 P1020247 DSC01485 DSC01483
Feeding Catfish at a Fish Farm

The fish farm looked like a floating house.  Each of these farms can hold up to 50,000 fish in the water beneath the floor.   Our guide throw pellets of fish food into a tiny open space of water, while we watched plethora of catfish fight over it.    Needles to say, I’m glad we stopped at the farm, and  without a doubt I will never buy an imported fish again.

 Rowing  in a sampan along the canals under the green canopy of water coconuts trees, to go deeper into the smaller canals of the Delta.

DSC01458 DSC01460 DSC01441

Visiting coconut candy factory

We watched the process of making the sticky, toffee like coconut candy. .  This place seemed to be more touristy, but we all bought a yummy coconut sweets.

P1020218 DSC01444Visiting a bee farm

During the visit we sampled Vietnamese honey tea.  This seemed to be just a regular tea flavor with the juice of kumquats (a small citrusy fruit) and big spoon of homemade honey.   They served candied ginger, banana chips along with the tea.  In the end they had few items for sale and I ended up buying royal jelly.  It supposed to be good for skin!

DSC01454 DSC01455

Visiting a rice vermicelli factory
P1020293 P1020267DSC01491P1020294
Visiting a crocodile farm.


There were hundreds and hundreds of crocodiles being raised on this “farm”.  We didn’t think this type of business is allowed anymore.   I guess everything goes in Vietnam.

 Practical information:

The tour cost us $60.00/each.  The price included 2 nights accommodation.   The first night we spent in Can Tho, without a doubt in  the worst hotel on our trip.   The second night we spent in Long Xuyen.   Much better hotel than the previous night.  As a bonus the hotel was overlooking the river.   We captured beautiful pictures at the sunrise.

P1020316 P1020320P1020296