Stunning Angkor Wat, a photo essay

As our trip continues the travel photography became huge part of our daily life.   Without a doubt, Angkor Wat was a visual feast and we had so much fun photographing all the temples.   Here are the highlights.

The Angkor Wat

This is the largest,  best preserved and the most impressive of the monuments.  The temple complex covers an area  0.9 mile by 0.8 mile.




P1020764 P1020781 P1020800

South Gate.

Beautifully preserved  with 54 gods  and 54 demons  pulling on a giant snake on each side.



One of our favorite temple, the Bayon is known for its huge stone faces with the  enigmatic smiles of the Bodhisattva of Universal Compassion. No one is sure exactly how many faces there are… we didn’t attempt to count them.

Bayon Temple

P1020654 P1020659 P1020663

P1020679 P1020646

Ta Prohm

The infamous Tomb Raider’s temple, Ta Prohm where nature took over the remnants of a once mighty civilization. Man-made objects coexist beautifully with nature. Truly amazing



 Phreah Khan

Another of our favorite temple as we visited this temple on the first day and  last day.  There are well preserved frescoes with a lot of detail.  It is an amazing and  is very unique in its own way and still in very condition.   We loved it so much.

P1020610 P1020626 P1020813 P1020815 P1020811