Nusa Dua, another lesson learned

We always knew we wanted to spend Christmas and New Year in a very special place during our journey.   When we choose Bali for our destination, we thought we made the best decision,  envision Bali with sandy white beaches,  lush landscaping, wonderful food and travel memoirs like Eat Pary Love.   Probably it  was true years ago.  In the end all worked for us, but we felt we were  lucky…

Beautiful pool at Mercure Hotel, Nusa Dua

We have to admit, we didn’t do too much homework before booking our 12 night accommodation  in Nusa Dua.   We booked the hotel  in advance, before even we booked  our flight to Asia.  We ended in a place that felt  like a resort bubble with not too many things to do.  Truly we didn’t feel like we were in Bali.  Having said that, Nusa Dua offers luxurious accommodations, golf resorts, fine dining and clean beaches.   Bali Collection is the place where the streets are wide and paved, beautifully landscaped and almost without any traffic (so opposite to the rest of Bali ).    Our hotel was located about 2 miles from the beach but it offered a free shuttle to the beach along with a free shuttle to Bali Collection.

Beach in Nusa Dua

Note:  Later on our trip we visited Kuta beach, that we also considered  for our Christmas /New Year destination.    Kuta Beach is one of the filthiest places we ever been or seen.    The beach is lined with beautiful resorts….it was beyond our imagination how would anyone wanted to vacation here.

DSC02740 DSC02735

During our stay in Nusa Dua, we met a Balinese girl that spoke some Polish .  We became  instant friends and enjoyed our daily conversation with Kadek.   She recommended to visit another beach, located south of Nusa Dua.   It supposed to be the most beautiful beach aka Secret Beach.    She probably was correct, except we went there during big Balinese celebration and the beach was flooded with local people.    It wasn’t that secret after all.

DSC02109 DSC02106

Since we were spending Christmas alone we decided to treat ourselves to a visit to Club Med  (our favorite all inclusive resort, and yes they offer daily and evening passes for outside visitors).    It was just perfect day filled with activities like snorkeling, paddle boarding, food and drinks.

Us, at Club Med
Amazing grounds
Where are the people ?
We love fresh coconut juice
One more drink please
Just perfect
Walking the Club Med grounds
Fantastic food

We decided to  spend New Year’s Eve at Club Med as well.  We embraced the Polish tradition and  stayed at the club there till the end.  We got back to the hotel at 4am.   During the evening/night  we enjoyed  beautiful performances, great music, dancing, fireworks, fantastic  food and super cocktails.   We couldn’t asked for a better way to celebrate the New Year.

Happy New Year !
We met Polish group at the Club Med
Amazing presentation of all food
Great performance with fire
Ice bar
Peter in his “Sunday’s best” clothes

Practical Information

Club Med day passes prices aren’t cheap.   Our Christmas Day pass cost 695 IDR / person  (that was the regular rate) and the New Year pass cost  price of 1,500.000 IDR /person.  The regular evening rate is 910 IDR/person.   The exchange during our visit 1$ /12,500 IDR